I want people to live fun, joyful, adventurous, and purposeful lives.

International Junior Miss - Ms. California - Rachel Bailey with crown

My mission in life is to help people crush fear, erase doubt, and find the boldness to live authentically. I want people to believe in themselves and pursue their biggest dreams until it becomes their reality.

There is a reason why I am so passionate about helping people let go of limiting beliefs and negative emotions in order to live their best life. For many years I lacked a true sense of self-worth and self-love. I felt lost in life, trying so hard to find my purpose and yet always lacking a sense of direction. I felt insecure and pressured to conform to someone else’s idea of happy. I bounced from college to college and major to major, never really feeling quite at home in myself. Eventually I bounced from one career to the next, never feeling truly aligned.

What I eventually realized was that I was the common denominator in every situation, no matter where I was. This revelation led me to pursue healing. I hired a life coach and began to work to heal my inner negative thoughts and negative emotions. Over time, I released the expectations of others and found that my true self had been buried deep within me all along.

International Junior Miss - Ms. California - Rachel Bailey with crown - US flag in the background

The gift I was given through coaching truly transformed me into a strong, courageous, bold, and happy person. I saw for the first time how valuable a life coach could be. So, after falling in love with my results from the coaching process, I began to pursue my own coaching certifications. I spent three years devouring every course, book, and coaching program I could find. I invested time and money to pursue my ICF coaching certification, as well as my Master NLP coaching certifications. I practiced on hundreds of clients and I now have thousands of hours of coaching others to live more authentic and joyful lives. 

They say that your mess is your message. This rings true for me. After feeling lost in myself and lost in the world I committed to finding my true authentic self and my ideal purpose in life. Now that I have found healing and direction, I am passionate about holding space for others to do the same. I believe that the key to changing the world around you is to dream big, believe, and take one step at a time toward your vision. If you’d like to work together to dream bigger, release limiting decisions, erase negative emotions, and pursue your best self, you can book a consultation, or simply sign up here today. Let’s start living your best life right now.

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